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Company values

Rules of conduct shared by everyone


We are strongly committed to Responsibility and Performance targets with a long-term perspective to progress. Our sustainable development approach towards our customers, our partners and our employees is at our core. Integrity, transparency, enhancing performance through innovation and a rigorous management inspires our behaviour and our actions.


About 200 men and women combine their skills and motivation for CREALIS. The company carries out its activities in an environmentally responsible manner that protects its employees: continuously improving the occupational health and safety for all of them is one of the major challenges for CREALIS. Our motto is: "Zero injury and incident" for every industrial site as well as at our customers'. Every employee works in accordance with the Health and Safet rules applicable in the workplace and participates in the training provided in these areas.

The CREALIS teams are constantly listening to customers, providing them with solutions and services, whilst keeping their commitment as experts. Professionalism and rigour ensure our services security, availability and reliability.