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Custom filling and packing of chemicals

Our core business


CREALIS is a specialist in custom filling and packing of liquefied gases, whatever the pressure. Our expertise has been developed over the years in collaboration with our partners and customers, and is now well recognized in the industrial sector.

The facilities on our different industrial sites allow us to perform a wide range of packaging, from 10 grams to 20 tons See more details on our industrial sites.

 Cartridges, tubes, tins, cans, cylinders, (ISO)tanks, IBC, roadtanks

Besides our expertise in liquefied gases, we can handle a large variety of products: liquids (detergents, solvents), viscous, paste (solder paste), hazardous substances or otherwise.


Our other services :    Formulation & blending   |   Recovering, reclaiming   |   Logistics, Storage   |   Engineering Services