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Custom filling

Custom filling and packing : our core business

Specialized in packing liquefied gases, we can also handle liquid and viscous products (detergents, solvents, solder pastes, etc) and a large range of packaging. (from 10 grams to 20 tonnes ).
See the activities and facilities on our different industrial sites.


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Formulation and blending

We study and provide any on demand blending or dilution operation of liquid products as well as powders. Our laboratories control all products manufactured on our sites. You benefit from and receive the know-how and expertise of our chemical engineers.

Crealis formulation and blending


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Recovering - Reclaiming

Crealis controls the life cycle of the products

Crealis reclaims, manages and processes the recovered refrigerants. The product life cycle is under control: analysis, collection, recycling or destruction of waste products if not compliant with specifications.
 Expertise on the fluid physical properties
 Knowledge of the current regulations concerning waste control and traceability management (Waste Transfer Documentation).

CREALIS Recovering and reclaiming of fluids


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Logistics and storage

Crealis can provide logistics services with its products

CREALIS has always attached special importance to compliance with the current regulations and the safety of all persons required to handle the products distributed. To this end, we develop and maintain partnerships with our carriers and logistic providers, who follow a strict certification procedure before being approved.

 Expertise in storing and transportation of packed or bulk hazardous substances, among them high-risk goods requiring a security plan.
 Expertise in transporting and managing waste (reclamation and destruction)
 Management of own fleet of gas tankers and isotanks.
 Expertise in the management of the customs issues for excise on oil/hydrocarbon.

CREALIS logistics


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Engineering, study and after-sale services

  Engineering: design, implementation and project management

Our experts design and build specific systems for industrial sites: filling stations, inversion plants, special transfer units, storage (tanks, containers, cylinders).   See examples of achievements.
We have patented a number of processes, particularly in terms of recovery and treatment of refrigerant.
Our teams coordinate and monitor the project until commissioning of the plant.

  After-sale services

You benefit from CREALIS expertise for the sustainability of your projects: we advise and support you in maintaining the facilities installed.
 Project tracking, monitoring, maintenance services (draining, refilling, cleaning).
 Regulatory support (periodic inspections and requalification;  See Regulatory maintenance of transportable pressure equipment).

Contact us for any industrial project  .

CREALIS Engineering services


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